We now have REFORMERS!

The Spring 2019 Session runs from

April 1 – June 27!


Contact Heather at heather@pilatez.ca

for information on spots still available!

Pilates for everyone… the exercise that REALLY works!
Everyone has tried to work out – often to only find out later what they were doing has hurt them. Pilates is an exercise that everybody can do. Pilates is diverse and allows for different body types to adapt the exercises to work for them.
  • Safe and effective exercises
  • Adaptable to all chronic and new conditions
  • Quick, measurable results that your friends and family will notice
With classes currently set to begin in Barrie, the best time to start is NOW!
If you have always wanted to – but never knew where to start – this is it. Come and try Pilates in a comfortable surrounding with a knowledgeable instructor, and begin the exercise that will last your lifetime!
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